International fanart contest [En]


We invite you to enter our International fanart contest !


You can draw/paint on computer or you can choose to do it on a paper and then scan it. Your work size must be comprised between 500×500 pixels and  A4. The fanart theme is Pan, our little mascot you will find attached below (a young charr). You will have to imagine and draw/paint what Pan could/must be doing all day long. It is not about doing a comic or a strip, but more like choosing an activity he could do (or you imagine him to do) and represent it on your work (for instance : reading on a book stack, hiding, etc) after the description given below.


The deadline for entering (and sending us your work) is the 11th of February 2013. You must send your artworks to For each mail, you will receive an answer, so get worried if you don’t within 7 days !


Who is Pan : Pan is a young and orphan Charr. He has been taken in by a young and bad mannered lady human necromancer. He is not the outgoing and social type. He doesn’t express easily his feelings. You’ll find him often alone, solitary, sulky / grumpy or grumbling.. He is ill faith and quite a liar, but a good kid. He is smart and cunning but not nasty. You’ll easily see him reading instead of playing with other children. His necklace is made of his broken horn, a souvenir of a battle he survived at a younger age (hiding but still, he survived).


The prizes :


_1st prize: a code item for a tshirt ingame GW2, some badges, 10 gold coins ingame and one single item of your choice in the list which follows : [a charr plush, an headphones GW2 Steelseries (offered by WarLegend), a T-shirt Pantheon (size XL), a tshirt GW2 Eir (size L, we have 2 of it, offered by NcSoft).


_2nd prize: a code item tshirt ingame GW2, 5 gold coins ingame, some badges and an item of your choice of the list given for the first prize, less obviously the object which will have been chosen by the first player.


_3rd prize: a code item tshirt ingame GW2, 2 gold coin ingame, some badges, and an item of your choice of the list given for the first prize, less obviously both objects which will have been chosen by the first player and the second player.


Of the 4th at the 10th prize: a code item tshirt ingame GW2 for your character.


More prizes will be added to this list until the february deadline :) . Enjoy !



Good luck to everyone ! And sorry for the mistakes, I’m not an english native (Panthéon is a french GW2 website).


~Kira Daemon


T-shirt GW2-Eir


T-shirt Panthéon


Headphones GW2 Steelseries


Some Charrlenge badges/pin’s


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  1. je vais tenter ma chance :-)

    Mercredi 9 janvier 2013 at 19:56
  2. Just sent in my art… barely on time!

    Dimanche 10 février 2013 at 14:27

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